5 Ways to Wear a Denim Jacket

Style Guide- Jean Jackets

I've a long running love affair with the denim jacket. I learned years ago that to take an outfit to the next level you should add a layer; give it another dimension. The jean jacket is the easiest way I know to add a little extra to your outfit. This is because a jean jacket acts as a neutral. It can go with any color and really any bottom, top, or dress. However, I don't advise wearing a jean jacket with a pair of non-colored jeans though, because pulling off double denim is not easy. There is a way to successfully pull off double denim- but I'll save that for another post!

So, grab a drink and a snack and learn 5 easy ways to style a jean jacket!

#1: With leopard pants

#2: With a skirt

#3: With black or grey jeans

#4: With faux leather pants or faux leather leggings

#5: With a black dress

Here are some jean jackets that are similar to mine. I've had mine so long it's no longer available! :)

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