Bloomingdale's My List: My First Box

I love pretty clothes. It’s also fair to say that I have expensive taste (much to mine and my husband's chagrin). If you were to hold up two dresses and say “Lydia, which one do you like best?”, I will inevitably pick the more expensive one, every single time. My taste almost always exceeds my budget! So, I was excited when I received an email from Bloomingdale’s offering a deal to try their new rental service, My List.

Clothing rental services are not entirely new; they’ve been around for a decade or so. You’ve probably heard of Rent the Runway. These services are great for a few reasons.

  1. They are great for the environment- they reduce clothing waste. We often only wear items in our closets a few times and then either throw them away, donate them, or consign them. Clothing is a huge contributor to landfills and takes up tons of space! Rental services reduce this.

  2. They are good for your wallet. They save you money. You are able to wear the clothes as much as you want for way less than it would cost to buy them. At least 50% less!

  3. They allow you to stay in style. One of the accounts I follow on Instagram is @wheredidyourstylego it’s an account for busy moms who have lost their “style”. As we get older our priorities and responsibilities change and increase. Many of us just don’t have time to follow trends, let alone even find out what the trends are! That doesn’t mean that we don’t wish we did; or mourn the loss of our style. Style is a way to express yourself and stay in touch with what makes us, well us. When you lose your style you can feel like you have lost a little bit of yourself. With a rental service you can get your style back easily!

My List at Bloomingdales is curated, so you can be sure the items are all on trend. The cost is $150 per month, with an offer of $99 for the first time. You can also cancel at any time.

In my first box I got:

Likely- Karrica Botanical Print Cut out Dress in Periwinkle Mult

For Love and Lemons- Mochi Summer Blouse in Ivory Dot (currently out of stock, but still available to rent).

French Connection- Cari Floral Maxi Wrap Dress in Azalea (which is sadly sold out- so I linked a similar dress)

Aqua- Ruffled Tie Waist Jumpsuit in Red (also sold out- so I linked a similar one)

Everything fit well and was beautiful. I'm excited to see what comes next- it's kind of like Mommy's Christmas every few weeks! :)