Christy Dawn

One of my new favorite sustainable brands is Christy Dawn. The line is named after its founder Christy. She's a former model turned sustainable fashion designer. Her dresses have an ethereal feel mixed with a bit of vintage. They are 100% beautiful and have timeless lines that will make any piece a part of your wardrobe for years to come.

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Christy uses deadstock fabric to make the dresses. Deadstock is fabric that a fashion house hasn't used. This is most often because they ordered to much of the fabric and can't use it. Most of the time this fabric will end up in the landfill. Fabric waste is a huge part of why so many folks are turning to sustainable fashion. The amount of energy, water, and chemicals used to produce textiles is a huge piece of global pollution. By using deadstock Christy Dawn is preventing fabric from ending up the landfill and not using more resources to produce fabric for their line.

She also has her factory right here in the US in LA. According to her website her seamstresses are paid a competitive wage and have health insurance. The dresses are well- made and not mass produced. For a shopper that's great news, because who doesn't like a one of a kind dress!

When my dress arrived I was surprised by how delightful the packaging was. I was super impressed and quite frankly amazing by the lack of plastic! I mean not even one piece! The dress came in a beautiful wooden box, wrapped in tissue paper with a little sprig of lavender! It was really touching to me that the brand put such effort and thought into the packaging.

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Happy Sustainable Shopping!