Citrus & Rosemary Infused Cleaning Vinegar

I love cleaning with vinegar. It's acidic enough to cut through grease and also gentle, so I don't have to worry about harsh chemicals around my kids. I usually fill a squirt bottle with water, vinegar, a few drops of castile soap, and a few drops of whatever essential oil I'm feeling. Today, I'm trying something new! I'm making a vinegar tincture with rosemary and citrus peel. I think this will work even better than my previous cleaning vinegar mixes. This is because the oils from the orange peels and the fresh rosemary will become infused into the vinegar. In other words, I think I'll have more plant power mixed in with my vinegar! Rosemary is anti-bacterial and energizing. Citrus has incredible cleaning power and will lift your spirits!

This vinegar tincture is super easy to make! Here are the steps I used:

1. Start with a 12 - 15 oz clear glass jar with a screw top. I re-purposed a spaghetti sauce jar for this project. To peel off the sticker I used lemon oil and then thoroughly washed the jar.

2. Place two sprigs of fresh rosemary in the jar. I cut mine fresh from my garden, but most grocery stores sell fresh rosemary sprigs.

3. Place the peel from one orange (or whatever citrus you want) in the jar

4. Fill the jar with white vinegar until the liquid completely covers the plants and peel, or all the way up to the lip of the jar. Screw the top back in the jar.

5. Place the jar in a sunny spot in your house and let it sit for two weeks or so.

6. After two weeks, strain the liquid using a cheesecloth. Add the liquid to a spray bottle and enjoy cleaning with it!