Easter arrangement with Cadbury’s Chocolate

Make an easy Easter arrangement using yummy Cadbury eggs and Peeps! You'll need two vases, one smaller that can nestle inside the larger vase. Other supplies you'll need are Peeps, Cadbury chocolate mini eggs, Easter grass, and some "Springy" faux flowers.

I used two packages of Peep bunnies, one blue and one pink. I used two bags of mini Cadbury chocolate eggs, and one bag of green Easter grass. Watch the video below for assembly.

A little history on Cadbury's

Cadbury's was founded in 1824 by John Cadbury. He opened a small grocery shop in Birmingham, England. Of course he sold chocolate in the shop! In 1831 he decided to start manufacturing his own chocolate products. He opened his factory in a warehouse on Crooked Lane in Birmingham. My personal favorite Cadbury treat is the Cadbury Creme Egg. This delicious piece of chocolate candy confection perfection was created in 1971. Every year the company rolls them out to sell from January through Easter, making them a seasonal treat.

There is something special about Cadbury chocolate that is made in England. I know that American Cadbury chocolate is tasty, but if you can get your hands on Cadbury chocolate made in the U.K. you can taste the difference. We have a British shop here in Orlando that sells imported British food, including Cadbury products. If you aren't local check out British Food Shop online for their imported Cadbury products. Since Easter is coming up you might consider ordering some imported Cadbury products for your Easter baskets. Trust me you can taste the difference!!

If you make the arrangement comment below with a picture of your arrangement. I'd love to see your work! Happy Easter!