Fall Envy and a Gorgeous Maxi Skirt

I have a serious case of Fall envy and it's Instagram's fault! Scrolling through my IG feed results in viewing one cute Fall outfit after another. So, feeling inspired I decided to pull together a cute Fall outfit centered around a new (to me) maxi skirt that is perfect for Fall. So, clad in my new skirt, tank top, jean jacket, and cut out booties I ventured out into the yard. Hello oven!! I love you Florida... but seriously.... where are you Fall???

After 1 minute I lost the jacket, after 2 minutes I was ready to take off my shoes, after 3 minutes I had confirmed it's too hot for even a "mild" Fall look around here! LOL Hopefully some cooler temps will make their way down to the Deep South soon and my "winterish" clothes can make an appearance. Until then I'll keep scrolling and dreaming of a cool breeze and temps that won't rot a pumpkin immediately! (If you live in Florida you know what I'm talking about)

Here's the sustainable details on my outfit:

Skirt: Mermaid style maxi skirt by Haute Hippie. What makes this skirt sustainable? First, It's consignment, I bought it second hand, which is a super easy to help with the problem of over production in fashion. Second, it's 100% silk which means it's 100% biodegradable. I'm a big fan of my clothing being made from organic materials. I love the feel of organic material and I love that it's better for the planet.

Shoes: Cut Out Booties by Eco Vibe Apparel. These booties are perfect for Winter and Fall temps in a mild climate (like Florida!). They are sustainable because they are made from high quality vegan leather. If you aren't sure what vegan leather is read my post about it here.

So from this Florida girl... I wish you cool Fall breezes and golden leaves... and when Winter is too much.. come see us down here!