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I started writing this post on December 4th! Annnddd... I’m just now getting it up! I’ve been crazy busy, so I realize this is now more of a “last minute gift guide”but, hey that’s ok! I try really hard to be intentional with my purchases and I want my values to be carried through in the Christmas gifts I give this year. I've rounded up some products that I like and have used or given as a gift in the past. If you end up purchasing any of these products let me know! I'd love to hear why and how it went!

World Vision or Heifer Project International

With either of these organizations you can purchase farm animals that are then gifted to a family farm in a developing country. The idea is that the giving them the animal allows the family to begin to make an income that can be used to support them and help grow a family business. Both organizations have been around for years and have proven track records. I used to save money for Heifer Project when I was a little girl. Last year we bought a flock of chicks for each of our boys. They didn't really get it, but I knew they would grow into the concept. This year they have a bit of an understanding and picked out which animals we would purchase. I am confident that with each year their understanding will grow and I hope they begin to appreciate it even more. I am also planning to buy a large animal for all my nieces this year. I got a book with a farm theme to wrap up that I'll give to them on Christmas night. I will also share with them the gift of the animal and the reason I purchased it for them. I think the girls with love it!

Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida sells colorful bracelets and jewelry that are hand made by artisans mostly in Costa Rica. I have about 10-15 bracelets and I really enjoy wearing them in the summer. They are super fun to wear at the beach! I've bought them before for my teenage niece and I know she loves them.

TruSelf Organics- Detox Mask Kit

My au pair gave me this mask kit for my birthday. I LOVE it. It has this cool little bamboo bowl and brush that you use to mix up the mask. You use a powder and solution to mix the mask up each time that you use it. I like making it myself and knowing that there aren't preservatives in the product because you mix it right before use. It's fun to apply and leaves my skin feeling very soft and clean. I especially love how clean the oily areas of my face feel after an application.

Frank Clegg leather goods

I purchased a wallet for my husband's birthday from Frank Clegg. I chose this company because of two reasons. The first is that the leather is vegetable tanned in Italy. The second is because the products are hand made in Fall River, Massachusetts. The price point is reasonable, especially when you consider the fact that its hugely high quality leather and handmade.

Apolis Global Citizen bags

"Our model of “Advocacy Through Industry” is a revolutionary way to harness the power of business to create social change. This model is founded on the simple idea that people can live better lives when they are given equal access to the global marketplace." Apolis Global Citizen

I purchased one of their lunch totes and had it personalized for my teenage niece. These make great gifts for just about anyone.

Happy gift giving and Merry Christmas!