Historical Workouts with Lydia: Jane Fonda's 1982 "Workout"

What better way to do a home workout than to do a historic homework? I'm working out anyway..... why not make it interesting?!? I decided I'd start with Jane Fonda's workouts from the 80's because she was the first person that popped into my head. After I filmed the video I went online and discovered that she had already brought her workout back with a video on tik tok. Two things came to mind; 1. what a coincidence and 2. Jane Fonda has tik tok???

Let's do this!

My thoughts on the workout are this:

- the leg section was hard.. it kicked my booty

- there were way too many arm circles... way too many

- the arm workout would've been better with some weights

- the waist workout was weird and awkward and I don't think effective

- the abs were pretty decent for today's standards

- during the warm up I felt like a high school cheerleader from "Can't Buy Me Love" (one of the best 80s high school movies EVER)

Anyway...... here's me working out 1982 style. I hope you enjoy it!

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