How to Style Over-the Knee Boots

Over the knee boots are so amazing! They can look polished or they can make an outfit look like a total mess. I've got some easy- peazy tips for you that will make you look fabulous in your over the knee boots!

  1. Buy boots that have an adjustable draw string at the top. This allows you to get just the right fit in the leg, which is crucial for the boots staying up on your leg, and looking great! (Disclaimer- my nickname growing up was Bird, because my legs were so skinny! I have to have draw stings on my boots or they fall down.)

  2. Wear them with jeggings or leggings. This is a must. If your jeans are not tight enough in the thigh your boots will cause the material to bunch. You don't want bunching in the thigh, it just doesn't look good. There is a trend coming out of Europe right now where baggy jeans/pants are tucked into boots, but this trend applies to boots that hit just below the knee- not over the knee boots.

  3. Wear them with a short dress or skirt. Ideally, the hemline of your dress or skirt should hit about 1/2 inch above the boots.

Here's some of my favorite over the knee boots. Mine are from Target- I've linked them here.