I Tried Dermaplaning....

Even ancient Egyptians had un-wanted hair. This became clear to me a few years back during a visit to the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin. They have an exhibit on ancient Egypt, and one of the artifacts was a pair of tweezers. Those simple tweezers were more intriguing to me than the mummy (well, maybe not entirely!) because they represented the mundane. The everyday parts of life that everyone deals with, even people who lived thousands of years ago. For me those tweezers made the female mummy more real. She was a person just like me that needed to tweeze!

ancient Egyptian tweezers

Dermaplaning is a new trend in skin care that removes un-wanted hair from your face, it doesn't replace tweezing, but it removes unwanted hair that would be basically impossible to tweeze, all that peach fuzz all over your whole face.

I've been wanting to try for a while now. Since the Coronavirus outbreak I've been saying to myself "as soon as I can, I'm making an appointment for a dermaplaning facial." Yesterday on my first trip to Target in 2 months, I spotted an at home dermaplaning tool. It was $20 so I figured "why not". $20 is a lot less than the $150 or so I was going to shell out for the facial. The tool is the Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane Glo. I bought it and I tried it this morning! Before I tell you what I think of it, let me explain to you what dermaplaning does in more detail.

What is Dermaplaning?

The idea behind dermplaning is to exfoliate and remove peach fuzz and unwanted hair from your face. The point of this is to give skin a younger appearance (peach fuzz and unwanted hair increase as you age), exfoliate to encourage cell turnover, and finally to help skin absorb product better. I use a lot of different targeted products so I especially like the idea of better product absorption. I'm also big exfoliator..lol! In college my roommate used to tease me because it took me forever to get ready to go out, she would say, "you don't have to exfoliate just hurry up!"

Does it work?

The simple answer is "yes"! It works. I followed the instructions as given and I'm happy with my results. The tool is battery powered and the battery is included (win). All you do is insert the battery, take the cover off the blade and you are ready to go. The instructions show you the directions to move the tool on your face, so its basically fool-proof.

My face is way smoother and softer. All those pesky little hairs are gone! I also noticed that my skin looked better on this mornings zoom meetings! Since I haven't had a professional dermaplaning facial I can't compare it to my at home results, but I'm happy.

Does the hair grow back darker?

I wondered the same thing. The last time I was at the med-spa I asked about this. The PA told me that it does not grow back darker or coarser. The hair does grow back, but its the exact same texture and color and before. In a week or so I will know the answer first hand!

After Dermaplaning

The directions say to let your skin rest for a few hours before applying any products or makeup. They also caution that your skin may be a little red or feel slightly irritated. My skin is not red, but it does feel a little irritated; it's totally bearable and not a big deal. As I'm writing this it's been three hours since I dermaplaned. I plan to leave my skin bare until this afternoon, when I'll apply sunscreen before I go running.

If you've tried dermaplaning or you try it after reading this let me know! I'd love to hear your experiences and thoughts!