J-Crew Gingham Blouse

When I think of gingham (honestly)... the first thing that comes to mind is a tablecloth in an Italian restaurant, or Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. I also think of my first ever bikini (which I was finally allowed to purchase in the 6th grade) which was blue gingham check with little white daisy flowers sewn on the top. It was so 90's and so awesome! I'm pretty sure it was "rebel" brand and featured on the pages of Seventeen or Sassy! LOL Anyway, I haven't worn gingahm in a while... since 1997 or so! I don't consider myself a trendy person, in fact I prefer to dress in what I consider to be "classics", and I really like pieces that are timeless and have a long shelf life, classic pieces

Me and my dog! Black pants and a matching black dog! J-Crew gingham top and J-Crew crop pants.

Classic actually means "of enduring interest, quality, or style" and to be quite honest, I wasn't entirely sure that gingham fit the bill when I first started noticing gingham on my IG feed, on my Pinterest feed, and pretty much everywhere, so I dig some digging. Turns out one of my favorite style inspos, Bridget Bardot (BB) was a big fan of gingham back in her heyday. So, if Bardot wore it, and wore it well.. doesn't that make it classic? She actually wore a pink gingham dress to her 1959 wedding to Jaques Charrier. Besides, the famous wedding dress there are tons of gorgeous pictures of BB in gingham dating to the 50's and 60's. I've shared a few with you on Instagram feed.

Gingham started enjoying its current resurgence in popularity in Spring 2015, and so I decided, why not give it a try? This gingham blouse is from J-Crew. My favorite part is the bell sleeve with the eyelet detail.

J-Crew Tiered bell-sleeve top in gingham-$68 (and currently on sale 30% with code xoxo for Valentine's day)

Eyelet sleeve detail. Loving these sleeves-might be my favorite part of the top! My red tassel earrings were a steal from H&M. Here's a similar pair (couldn't find mine online). H&M earrings with tassels in red.

It's cotton-poly blend. I tried on a size smaller than I would normally start with, but that's because they didn't have my usual size. I was pleased that it fit well, and I went ahead and got it. No regrets! The top felt wonderful on and and looked beautiful all day. The fabric feels like good quality and I absolutely love the eyelet details on the bell sleeves!

Here's a similar look from online shop Shein with a lower price point.

Shein Billow sleeve top in gingham-$19

It doesn't have the eyelet sleeves, but it does have a fun billow sleeves that look interesting! I also own a gingham bell sleeve dress from Shein (it will be on another post) and if the fabric is the same for this top, I can say it's not as good of quality as the J-Crew top, but the price reflects that. All in all for $19 it's probably a good buy! :)

Check back (here or on my instagram) for more gingham looks and details all week!

-Lydia :)