Leopard Print is Always in!

Elle Decor magazine recently published their list of the top design trends of 2019. Number 1 on the list just happens to be one of my favorite trends of all time.... leopard print. I don't think you can even really call leopard print a trend, I mean let's be honest at this point it's basically a classic.

I think leopard print can work almost like a neutral in a color palette. This days you aren't limited to the classic brown and blacks, but you can find the print in a variety of colors. I'm considering using a blue and green one on a ottoman in my living room.

Leopard print has a pretty long history in fashion and design. In 18th century Europe it became a status symbol for the wealthy to wear and decorate with. That's because it demonstrated the owner could afford to purchase something that was hunted in Africa (probably by bow and arrow) and then transported (by ship) to Europe. In an age of sailing ships, travel and trade with Africa was luxurious and expensive. Often what we wear, decorate with, and see in magazines and shops has a deeper meaning and evokes feelings we aren’t even always aware of. 😊

So, feel free to layer up the leopard print in your house and on your person! I'll keep you posted with my leopard print ottoman!