LLP Edit- Halloween Version and a Giveaway!

Sharing my top 5 things this week. I often find myself saying "I need to share this on the blog" but, a lot of the time whatever I was thinking of doesn't actually make it on the blog. I forget or it’s not relevant to the topic I’m working on. So, I've decided to start sharing random things I love in regular "edit" posts. I think this will be fun! I plan to do this weekly, but let’s be honest, between momming, working, and life it’ll probably be a little all over the place!

This week since it's so close to Halloween I thought I'd kick off the edit with a little Halloween fun! And don’t skip number 3 because it has giveaway details!

1. "Horseman's Hollow Trail", in Sleepy Hollow, New York. Yep, it's an actual place! I read about it in the October issue of "Martha Stewart Living". You can visit historic Philipsburg Manor and take a "ghost" tour around the property including an old grist mill, mist covered pond, and the covered bridge that Washington Irving made famous in his story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". My youngest, Tommy is loving the "Sleepy Hollow" story's main "ghostly" character and has even requested a Headless Horseman blow-up for our yard! The pumpkin patch up the street from us added a Headless Horseman photo backdrop this year, which was of course a hit with our family. Keeping in the theme, I am going to dress up as Katrina Van Tassel, thankfully Amazon had a costume that will be here by Tuesday! I plan to wear it to school too-since it's Colonial and I teach Civics! I'll share pictures later this week!

2. My Ecovibe Apparel booties, now that it's finally cold enough to wear my new booties I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing them out. They are from a cute boutique in Oregon that specializes in eco-friendly and sustainable clothing. The booties are made from "vegan leather" and I've been happy will how they've broken in over a few wears now. If you aren't sure what vegan leather is, check out this post here.

3. King George Shop, is owned by two sisters, one of whom is a friend from college. The girls have amazing eyes and keep their online stocked with beautiful things. This week we are hosting a giveaway together over on Instagram. The prize is a gorgeous necklace made from a re-purposed rosary bead necklace. For details on the necklace read this post here. And, it’s pictured below. If you'd like to participate in the giveaway head over to Instagram, follow both of us, and tag a friend in the comments.

4. Blue Tansy, I read about it this week in Martha Stewart (same issue where I learned about Sleepy Hollow) and I was happy to see it getting major press. I've loved the essential oil for years! It's the main ingredient in one of my favorite essential oil blends- Doterra's balance. It comes from a chamomile plant, but a different part of the plant than the tea and chamomile oil. It blue in color and smells like heaven! It‘s relaxing and has anti- aging properties. I love to diffuse the oil after a long day, to me it's uplifting and relaxing.

5. Beautycounter's Countermatch Moisturizer, because seasons are changing and the skin needs a little assistance. I find when the temps are going from hot to cold and back again I need a little balance in my skin. I love this moisturizer because it matches up with skin's moisture needs throughout the day! Plus, it's made in America with recycled plastic packaging.

Have a fantastic week!