Mummy Enchiladas!

Two things I love are Egyptology and Enchiladas, yes that is a random association. One does not typically think of ancient Egypt and Mexican food at the same time! While scrolling one day I saw the cutest food idea for Mummy Enchiladas and I just had to make my own version! I mean I can't pass up the opportunity to combine ancient burial practices with Mexican food! Plus my kids love Halloween themed anything!

We eat Enchiladas a lot in our house. They are easy to make, kid friendly, and give some variety to our usual Taco Tuesday/ Mexican Night. Dressing Enchiladas up like mummies is a fun way to please your kiddos during October. I hope you enjoy!

A Quick Background on Mummies: (warning ya might not want to read this section right before you eat lol!)

Mummification is often associated with ancient Egypt more than any other culture; although the practice is not unique to Egypt. For the ancient Egyptians the mummification process was a religious one; a way to preserve their loved ones' physical body for the after life. Mummification was an industry in its own right. Embalmers were highly trained in their craft, and the process was perfectly perfected over the centuries. The body was wrapped in linen clothes which was then coated in Bitumen tar, which acts a preservative. Before being wrapped the internal organs were removed from the body to be stored in special jars. These jars were called Conaptic jars. The jars would accompany the mummy in his/her tomb. Mummification was practiced in Egypt until around the 5th century AD when it slowly faded out, as Christianity gained more of a foothold.

These days mummies reside in museums and make a fun Halloween character... I wouldn't worry too much about an actual mummy grabbing you in the dark!

How to make the Mummy Enchiladas

Here's what you need:

1 package of soft taco shells (at least 8 in the package)

1 lb of ground beef, turkey, or chicken (I used chicken and jazzed it up with garlic and onions)

1 package of taco seasoning (I use McCormick Original Taco because it's ingredients are not full of junk- just actual spices and some corn starch)

1 package of enchilada sauce (I use Frontera brand for the same reason as the McCormick Original Taco seasoning)

1 jar of sliced black olives

8 oz block of white cheddar or monterey jack cheese

Suggested toppings:

shredded lettuce


Greek yogurt or sour cream

Make Your Mummies!

  1. cook your meat as directed by the taco seasoning packet

  2. slice the cheese up into matchsticks, I did about half the block of cheese

  3. once the meat is done, spoon about 1/2 cup of meat into each shell

  4. roll up the shell and place it into a lightly creased 9 X 11 baking dish, make sure the rolled shell is seam side down

  5. continue with all 8 shells

  6. add two olives to the top of each rolled shell- for the eyes

  7. arrange the matchsticks of cheese below the olives to look like mummy wrappings

  8. carefully pour the enchilada sauce along the bottom and top edges of the enchiladas, be careful not to get any on the enchiladas

  9. bake for 15-20 in a 350 degree oven

  10. serve with whatever toppings you like!

I am not exaggerated when I say my kids LOVED them. They went on and on about how it was "the best diner ever", "can you make these Halloween night?", and "next time can we make vampires instead!"

I hope you enjoy them!