My Favorite Leopard Items Right Now

Leopard is a neutral! I've said it before and I honestly feel a bit like I'm repeating myself; but this fantastic print just never. goes. out. of. style. I know its become a bit of signature look for me because last year on "dress like your teacher day" a student wore leopard print, as me!

If you're a leopard lover (and if you're not you should be) here's a list of the leopard print items I'm loving right now.

But first some history trivia.........

Leopard print as a fashion statement in Western culture dates to the 18th century. It

was during that century that Europeans began trading, exploring, and eventually, colonializing the African continent. Having an exotic animal print coat, stole, or other accessory would have been a display of wealth for any European fashionista (or fashionisto) of the time.

Madame de Maison-Rouge as Diana (1756) by Jean-Marc Nattier

In the 20th century leopard print became a thing with a 1920's actress and her pet leopard! Yep, 20's film star Marion Nixon had a pet leopard that she sported as an exotic accessory! Move over Tiger King. Seriously, and sadly, she wasn't the only actress with a pet leopard. In fact through out the mid 20th century it was sort of thing to have an exotic pet. Nixon was photographed with her leopard wearing a leopard coat. Many fashion historians consider this to be the event that kicked off the leopard craze of the 20th century, and it’s still going strong.

Lydia's list of favorite leopard items right now:

  1. Tory Burch Leopard Flats

  2. Target Leopard Pumps

  3. Target Kolie Wedge Sneakers in leopard

  4. Target Leopard Print Top in Grey and Brown

  5. J. Crew Wide Leg Leopard Pants