New Frayed Cropped Jeans

I recently picked up these jeans at a cute boutique. I've been wanting a pair of cropped and frayed jeans for awhile. I first noticed this look last summer- when it started popping up on feed of some European instagrammers I follow. You know whatever's "it" in Europe takes a few months to catch up over I figured I had some time to patiently shop for the perfect pair.

I'm glad I was patient and found these right after Christmas. One reason is I love them, and the other is I got them on sale (after Christmas sales are the best!). They have some stretch to them, so although they are skinny jeans they feel very comfortable. The length is perfect for my height. I'm 5'5", so not tall, but not short either. I like it when I find a jeans that are the perfect length- they are often too long. I also love that the stretch in the jeans means that the strategically placed holes in the knees will not stretch out.

Here's the details on my outfit

Cello Jeans with frayed cropped hem- I purchased mine at The Pink Valise Boutique in Thomasville, GA.

Zara V Neck Tee Shirt

A New Day Mules from Target

I've shared with you before that jeans were invented by Levi Strauss in the late 19th century. He created them for workers. They were intended to be worn by folks who were had physical labor jobs. The cloth is durable and designed to last, even under heavy from work such as farming and construction. The knowledge of jean history brings about about some anthropological ponderings for me.

Often in fashion it is the wealthy and the elite that set the trends. Usually what is desirable is the rare and expensive. Like silk for example, or even a tan. A tan is fashionable because it implies that the wearer of the tan is wealthy enough to take vacations to exotice tropical locales. Denim isn't expensive or rare- it doesn't imply wealth- if fact one could argue the opposite. It is a fashion statement with a humble background, and perhaps that's why we love it so. Let me know your thoughts.. I'd love to hear from you!