Organic Cotton PJs for Kiddos

“You should make sure all his onesies are organic" said a friend (and fellow mom) of mine at a girls dinner. I was about 8 months pregnant and had no idea what she was talking about. “Organic? Isn’t that just for food?” was my question to her. After that conversation I knew what organic cotton was, but I wasn’t completely sold on the idea. I was sold on organic food and did my level best to make sure that I was providing my baby (once he was born) with a healthy supply of organic food. But clothes, nah… I just couldn’t make the leap. It seemed expensive and honestly not that important. I mean we aren’t eating a onesie, how many toxic chemicals are we being exposed to?

I chose the organic food over the organic cloth, and I don’t regret my decision. I did what was best for my family at the time. Now, almost seven years later I’m beginning my sustainable fashion journey and I'm learning all about how much the chemicals in our clothings just can affect our health.

When growing non-organic cotton farmers are exposed to chemicals, that research is increasingly showing are carcinogenic. Non-organic cotton actually uses more water than organic, which is counter-intuitive. The chemicals also deplete the soil of nutrients, which causes the need for more chemicals in the future. Soil nutrients are a HUGE part of farming, and the more our soil is depleted of nutrients the less healthy our overall food supply becomes. We sometimes forget that our skin is an organ. We should treat it like any other organ and be careful what we put on it. Consider adding organic cotton pieces to your wardrobe when you buy new pieces. I'm planning to do so for my whole fam!

I discovered that Hanna Andersson a kids clothing shop sells only organic pajamas. I was thrilled and ordered each of my boys two pairs. Charlie chose Darth Vader and Tommy chose Storm Trooper. Pretty funny, since Tommy is often Charlie's side kick in real life too! They also picked out Halloween pairs, which I'll share in another post. I'm really happy with the quality and softness of the pjs. I'm planning to buy our family Christmas pjs from them in a few weeks!

Oh, it's worth mentioning that the pjs are glow in the dark.. which the boys absolutely love!

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Happy shopping!