Overall Dresses

Overalls are baaaaack!! If you're in your 30's or 40's you remember these gems from the 90's. I had a pair in middle school that were from the Gap. I remember lots of pockets and even a painter's paint brush hanger thingy. Seriously- what was the deal with the pockets and the paint brush accessory storage? Today's looks are (thankfully) missing the painters details! Overalls are honestly "work" clothes. The reason they had those "fun" details back in the 90's is because that's what they were actually designed for.

When denim was invented in the late 19th century overalls followed quickly. They were designed to stay up so a worker wasn't fooling around with sagging pants (you might call it, plumbers -ahem-). The extra pockets provided just the right spot for storing a paintbrush, maybe a few extra nails, or a tool or two. Ladies have been wearing overalls since WWI when woman flocked to factories in droves while men were off fighting the war. Since then, they've come in and out of fashion. I particularly like the look of overalls from the 1940's. I have a pics of 40's ladies rocking overalls on my instagram.

I spotted this cute dress by Guess that has a little bit of an overall look. I'm honestly not a huge fan of overalls because I think they make me look bigger in the middle. I don't have a big difference in my waist and hip measurements so I like to choose pieces that help enhance my waist, not make it look bigger. This dress is great for that effect. The faux wrap and tie cinch the waist. The adjustable straps in the back give it the on point overall look. I also like the ruffle skirt because it's fun!

Cute adjustable straps with overall-like details. Parasol from "China" at Epcot. They even wrote my name in Chinese!

I bought a size small, but it was a little baggier than I would've wanted so I layed a simple white tank underneath. The model on the website is wearing it without a tank and while it looks good on her, it's a little too sexy for my taste. Plus, with the white tank underneath it gives it even more of an overall look.

I've pulled together some of my favorite picks for overall and overall-like dresses right now. I tried to mix it up a bit with more traditional overall looking dresses and a couple that are more abstract overall looking. They all look cute with a tee or tank underneath and some tennis shoes. Perfect for a day date or a casual day outfit.

Happy Shopping!