Provence Style- Summer Dress Steals

I define my personal style as a mix of classic and boho chic. One of my favorite style inspirations is Bridget Bardot. I shared a bit about her earlier in the year with my posts on gingham. BB (has she's known to fans) is in her late 70's now, but her looks from the 50's to the 80's are flawless and provide a sense of timeless style that's both classic and easy going- basically the definition of boho chic. BB was boho chic before boho chic was a thing. BB is French and she has lived the majority of her life in the South of France in the region of Provence. Lately, I've become very enamored with Provence. I've never actually been there (been to Paris and Spain) but for some reason I feel an immense connection with Provence style, in my home and in my personal style. I've been researching the region in the hopes of one day taking a vacation there and learning a lot about it's history, it's culture, and the style of the ladies who call in home. I think the reason I'm drawn to it is its aesthetic. The Provence aesthetic mimics the culture- easy going, warm. comfortable, and a little bit sophisticated. It's a match for my personal style and my personality. Vikki of Style & Minimalism also gets it , here's her article on how to get the "Provence Style".

Check out my pinterest board "Provence Style" for more inspiration.

I've decided that if I can't actually make it to Provence, I can at least dress like I'm there, and visit France in Epcot ;)! After all Florida may not have the Mediterranean climate of Provence- but we certainly have warmth and sunshine- two of the characteristics that make Provence so famous. So, I'll be a Florida girl dressing like I'm languishing away my summer in the South of France. Maybe I'll have Rose (oh yeah, Rose is from Provence) with BB someday, but for now a girl can dream!

Provence gets its name from the days of the Roman Empire. It was a province of the Empire that was known as "Provincia Romana". The Romans left behind 100's of ancient sites that make perfect day trips for adventurous and historically minded tourists. So, if I were to go to Provence I'd definitely check out some of these sites. I'd head to Pont du Gard- an aqueduct that's also an UNESCO World Heritage site. Of course I'd have to stay in Arles, the town known as the "Little Rome of Gaul" and visit the amphitheater, the circus, and the baths, all of which are also UNESCO World Heritage sites. All this ruin exploring and archaeology adventure of course requires the perfect look! So I've put together what I call the "ruins exploring look"! In Provence off the shoulder dresses and tops rule the summer, so I've chosen this light pink one. Provence style is feminine and reflects the climate, lightweight breezy fabric and unfussy dress (comfortable and easy to wear) will look flawless exploring the history of the area! If I was really "ruins exploring" I'd pair this with a pair of simple sneakers or lace up espadrilles, like these.

Provence is also known for its spectacular Mediterranean coast and relaxation inducing pools (something for which I have a particular affinity for) and a trip there would include poolside cocktails or Rose in the afternoons. I call this look "Orange in the Afternoon". Why? Well, if I were poolside drinking cocktails I'd like to be in the town Orange so I could also visit their art and history museum. Perhaps I'd be enjoying my rose after a long day in the museum. Museum in the morning, pool and drinks in the afternoon? Yes please! Of course this look would work perfectly for an afternoon happy hour here in sunny Florida too!

This post wouldn't be finished without including a date night look. If I was enjoying a summer in Provence I would also enjoy an evening out with my hubby, hopefully with a fine meal, fine wine, and some house music! After all when in Europe you can't not dance to house music.. Ibiza 2002 (ahh... the memories). If you don't know Ibiza-google it- haven of house music and fabulous fun... especially if you're 21! ;) Anyway... sorry for the digression. Here's my "Night Out" look which I think is sopsichated with a touch of fun- perfect to pretend I'm 21 again. ;)

So, here's to summer dresses... Provence.... and dreams!