Street Style- Sustainably

I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to “street-style” pictures. I love to see what stylish women in big cities all over the world are wearing, especially in Europe (my fave for street style). European fashion has always been an inspiration for me, that started in London in 1986. I was five on my first trip to London and it made a serious impression on me. I saw my first real punk Mohawk, remember seeing my sister go crazy over the Benetton shop, the seriously stylish blonde hair of my kindergarten teacher (although I can’t remember her name), and the black slouchy boots she always wore. Some of my earliest memories were made in that city, and I guess it's fair to say, influence my future style. A return trip to Europe in my early 20’s served to solidify my love of European style. This time though, I was old enough to pick up the trends and wear some of it myself.

Street style is what everyday stylish people are wearing. “Street Style” spreads are often found in magazines and online. Usually it’s models or fashion industry women photographed around major cities during fashion weeks. It used to be mostly focused on young people and their out of the mainstream looks, emerging in London in the 80’s with the rise of “punk” style. European street style is a great way to predict what will become mainstream trends in the next year or so. What super stylish women are wearing on the street during European fashion weeks is a sure way to predict what will be mainstream and all over the shops in the next few seasons.

Not surprisingly the pieces worn by women in street style spreads in magazines like Vogue are not cheap. Most of the fashions you see in those spreads are ultra high end and carry a huge price tag! Fast fashion has become a way for women of all budgets to emulate high style at a high price, but it's not a sustainable option. Shopping second hand from your computer is a much better answer!

Often times you can even get a high end piece for a low end price!

For my sustainable street style look I went with a pleated mini skirt, a rock tee shirt, and low top sneakers. I added a jean jacket, a leather jacket, and black clutch purse I already had. Pleated skirts, especially metallic and bright colors/prints are an it piece right now. Dresses and skirts paired with low top sneakers were everywhere in European street style last summer, so you can bet the look will be huge this summer in America.

I purchased both my sneakers and skirt from The Real Real. My sneakers are made by Veja, a French owned sustainable shoe brand. My skirt is from Etoile Isabel Marant, also a French designer. For my rock band shirt I went with Guns and Roses (because they’re my fave) and purchased it off Poshmark for a few bucks. I feel confident saying that when I shop second hand I know I’m getting amazing quality for less. Plus, there’s the part about not supporting fast fashion that I love!

The secret to copying a really great street style look is not a secret. Here’s what you do:

Find a look you like, go to a site like The Real Real, Poshmark, or Threadup. Search for each piece of the look specifically, filter by size and color, and see what you get! Chances are you’ll find exactly what you pretty quickly and you’ll have your whole look complete in less than an hour!

If you need inspiration for some stylish street style looks, click here- it’ll take you to my street style board. Seriously, if you follow street style trends, you will never be out of style- you’ll always be one step ahead. I also find that most of the time street style looks are essentially classic looks, that have one or two pieces that make it on trend. It can be a bag, a shoe, the pattern or print, a fabric. The key is identifying the pieces that give the look its on trend feel. You might be surprised to find that you already have some of the pieces in your closet, and just need a few to complete the look.

Shopping by look also saves you from impulse buys and pieces that sit in your closet because they don’t go with anything. When you have a specific look you are shopping for, your shopping becomes deliberate and its easier to stay within your budget. Being deliberate about your clothing purchases is a simple and easy first step to having a sustainable wardrobe. It’s so easy there is no reason why you can’t start today!