Summer Cocktail Dresses

Last weekend I attended a fun event at The Orlando Science Center. It's an annual fundraiser called "The Science of Wine". My husband surprised me in the middle of the week that we were going. So... I needed a last minute dress. After taking baby T to his karate lesson we headed to one of my favorite local boutiques, Lauren Nicole. Lauren Nicole is in downtown Orlando and offers on trendy clothes, shoes, accessories, and swimsuits at affordable prices. I tried on 4 dresses and settled on this ruffle off- the shoulder red dress. The fabric is linen which gives it a summery feel.

Here are my five other similar style picks. I hope one catches your fancy!

Dress 1- is a LBD that hits right above the knee

Dress 2- is a colorful number with a fun ruffle at the hem

Dress 3- is a jewel tone blue with slimming details

Dress 4- is pink and lacey and so feminine

Dress 5- is light blue and white stripes made from linen

The American love of cocktails dates to the early 19th century. Drinking cocktails was considered totally un-ladylike, and no self-respecting lady would be caught dead drinking one in public. So weird- I love how taboos change over time. Anyway, after WWI women were feeling a little bit more liberated... and the roaring 20's came in with a roar. Cocktails became much more fashionable and young ladies with bobbed hair began defying their grandma's and drinking them in public. According to my dad my great- great aunt Carrie was a "flapper", so I imagine she drank herself some cocktails! With cocktail consumption on the rise fashion kept up by designing dresses that were suitable for wearing during the cocktail hour (the early evening).

Christian Dior was the first designer to use the term "cocktail dress". In the late 1940's he was busy celebrating the end of WWII by turning out fabulous frocks in bright colors with decadent amounts of fabric. Dior's coining of the term allowed for designers in Europe and America to begin marketing dresses with appropriate cut and fabric as specifically "cocktail". By the way- a cocktail dress is defined as "a short dress suitable for an evening occasion".

I hope you have a first-class cocktail party in your future and I hope I helped you find just the right dress!