Sustainable and Stylish Brands to Shop

I'm falling more and more in love with sustainable fashion everyday. I am constantly coming across new sustainable brands that are making beautiful clothes and a difference! I'm also constantly pinning them to my pinterest boards! Over the next few months I'm going to be sharing a new piece of clothing and a new brand with you weekly. My goal is to share with you stylish clothes from sustainable brands that you'll fall in love with too. I hope these pieces and brands will add to your wardrobes and live there for a long time! After all, one part of sustainable wardrobes is purchasing clothes that you intend to keep for years. For that reason a lot of the pieces I will share will be basics. Basics are the building blocks of a wardrobe. Each of us can accessorize our basics to add our own personal style, but we all start with pretty much the same basics. Each week I'll update this post, so if you aren't already, subscribe to the blog or follow me on insta @lydia.loves.purple :)

Basic White t-shirt from Eco Vibe Apparel

First up is the basic white tee shirt, it's called the Shane Cotton Modal Tee in Off White and it's $29. This one is made of a super soft blend of cotton and modal. Modal is The cut is adorable and looks good tucked in, halfway, or out. I can imagine adding a kimono or a long cardigan when it gets a little chilly outside. I'll also picked up my cute boots from Eco Vibe too. I'll share them later this week.

Next up is Reformation. They are a sustainable brand out of LA. I describe their aesthetic as classic, with a touch of trendy and boho together. It's a little bit edgy and fun, but also classic and the pieces will stay relevant for years. I found my cotton ribbed tank on The Real Real which is an online consignment site. So, this particular top is double sustainable! Yay me! I've linked to a similar top since mine is no longer available. Mine has scoop neckline with ruffle details all the way around. Mine has a bow detail. The similar top is also scoop neck with the ruffle, but minus the bow detail. Similar top is called the here.

Next week I'll be sharing Style Saint. I've also got Sezane (my current fave French line) in the order to add to this post! Keep checking back. :)

Style Saint. They also offer free shipping on orders over $50. My order came super quick! I ordered on a Thursday and my order came on the following Monday. On their website they have a cool counter that tells you how much water they've saved, how many hours of ethical work they've paid, and how many yards of sustainable they've created up to date with each purchase. They promise to use less water, pay better wages, and only use sustainable fabric. Check back in a week or so to see what I got from them. :)