Sustainable Pizza Dough?

Yep, there is such a thing and it’s super easy to make. A few years ago, after learning that I’m wheat sensitive, I discovered einkorn flour and it has become a family favorite. I use it to make an exceptionally yummy pizza and calzone dough that my family can’t get enough of.

What is einkorn?

Einkorn is actually the first domesticated wheat. It dates back to about 12,000 years ago when people began farming. Einkorn was domesticated from grasses that grew wild in the fertile crescent. It’s cousins with emmer and spelt, but it’s older. It is the ONLY wheat currently around that has NEVER been hybridized (which is cross breeding two plants). So it is certainly non- GMO!

Why is it sustainable?

The einkorn flour I buy is certified organic. I also love that it is a heirloom grain. Farmers that grow einkorn care about the history of agriculture and want to make sure they are bringing a product to market that honors nature. Einkorn is wheat the way God intended it. It works better with our bodies and with the planet. One cool feature about einkorn is it’s husk. There is a husk covering the kernel which acts as a natural protector from pests. It’s amazing how God provided just what the plant needs to protect itself, while not harming humans. So no pesticides needed!

Is it healthier?

The simple answer is yes. Einkorn has more nutrients and minerals than modern wheat does. According to Jovial Foods (a producer of organic einkorn flour), “Einkorn is packed with more nutrients, vitamins, and dietary minerals than regular wheat. Einkorn has 30% more protein and 15% less starch than commercial wheat, plus abundant B Vitamins and trace minerals like iron. Oh and... it tastes amazing! My husband describes it as a sweet but nutty flavor that gives it a little something extra. He loves it so much he teases me that I should open an einkorn only bakery! Not happening… I don’t like baking that much! lol

How to use it

Einkorn is versatile and you can use it in any recipe that calls for flour. I do find that it is slowly to absorb liquid than modern wheat flour so you have to be a bit patient. It is also stickier. A good tip I learned is to lightly coat your hands in olive oil before working with it. Over all it’s not much different than modern wheat and it’s easy to get used to.

My favorite recipe book

The book I own on einkorn is called “Einkorn: The Cookbook” by Carla Bartolucci. She’s basically responsible for bringing einkorn back to consumers. She and her husband own Jovial Foods and import organic einkorn from Italy into the US. She has a super interesting story about her discovery of einkorn. The book is great and because Carla’s done all the hard work, she makes working with einkorn easy. I highly recommend it.