Sustainable Strategy for the Year

It’s been about a year since I started this blog and six months since I settled on my focus of sustainable fashion. I’m not the greenest of girls and I‘ve never been especially eco minded. So, it might have surprised some of you who know me that sustainable living has become my thing! I’d say it’s been a long odyssey here, but one where I was destined to arrive.

Growing up I remember learning about global warming and globalization but the topics seemed so foreign and unrelated to me. Maybe that’s selfishness or just youth, I don’t know. In graduate school it really began to dawn on me that both topics would have an impact on my life and I’d be an irresponsible person if I didn’t recognize that.

Between getting married and having two babies back to back I became consumed with family and getting through the day taking care of my kids. As the boys grew and I went back to work I had a nagging feeling in the back of mind that I needed to pursue something beyond what I was doing. So a lot of soul searching and praying lead me here.

I know there is a lot of debate and passion surrounding the topic of climate change or global warming but the bottom line is that the climate is changing. I don’t think the cause, whether it human or natural is really the point. The point is it’s happening. Whether or not plastic and other chemical and manufacturing pollution are the reason for it, no one can deny that pollution is bad. No one wants to lay on beaches covered in trash, swim in oceans, or eat fish poisoned with toxic plastic. No one. Honestly, no matter your beliefs or opinions we can all find common ground when it comes to pollution.

The fashion industry and its supply chain contribute a pretty big chunk of all that pollution. Chemicals used to grow cotton, toxic pollution from chromium based leather tanneries, and piles of plastic clothes made from polyester that will never biodegrade are all part of fashion’s big pollution problem.

I believe that the God of the Universe gave us this planet and expects us to steward it. I believe that he gave us a perfect planet and that we are tasked with using its abundance responsibly.

So for 2019 I plan to continue learning, blogging, and educating on sustainable fashion. I know I won’t change the world with this little blog, but I can make a small impact. I hope that as my readership grows my impact will grow as well. I hope that you will learn and share and make an impact too! It might be corny, but imagine the impact we can make if we all make little changes when it comes to our fashion choices!



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