Sustainable Summer Fruits and Veggies

Thanks for reading the first post in my 4-part seasonal produce series, first up is Summer followed by Fall, Winter and Spring.

This post really touches on two subjects. One is eating by season (an easy sustainability practice), the other is eating fruits and veggies that are good for people with Hashimoto’s (an autoimmune disease that I have). The two are really connected because I believe that a sustainable lifestyle is important for people who have an autoimmune diseases. Read about why here. This is the first in my four part series on seasonal fruits and veggies god for Hashimoto’s. Even if don’t have Hashimoto’s, or an autoimmune disease at all, this is good info because eating more fruits and veggies (and seasonally) is good for everyone!

How is eating seasonally sustainable?

Eating seasonally is sustainable because it forces us to rely on local produce. When you eat foods that are out of season they are flown in from a part of the world where the food is in season, often from an opposite hemisphere. This increases the carbon footprint of the food and it’s a no go!

Yum! Watermelon is the perfect summer fruit!

Which fruits and Veggies are best for Hashimoto’s?

When you have an autoimmune disease it’s important to get a lot of fruits and veggies in you diet, especially those that reduce inflammation. Studies have shown a link between autoimmune disease and inflammation in the body. Everyone, regardless of health needs to eat a lot of fruits and veggies. Again, the fruits and veggies listed here are great for hypothyroidism , any autoimmune, or just plain anybody because they are packed with vitamins and minerals! I mean everyone knows more fruits and veggies isn’t gonna hurt!

Watermelon always makes me smile! Its THE summer fruit and reminds that life is a "permanent vacation" if you have the right attitude!

Favorite Summer fruits and vegetables






Bell peppers



Easy ways to eat and snack

  1. Snack on cherries, blueberries, and grapes with no prep! Kids love them too! Buy organic and then just lightly rinse them.

  2. Frozen grapes and blueberries are a yummy dessert and perfect for a hot summer day!

  3. Slice peaches and eat them plain or add them to a simple salad.

  4. Apricots are yum on their own, or like peaches great in a salad.

  5. Bell peppers make the perfect dipper for hummus!

  6. Slice up tomatoes and drizzle with some balsamic vinegar for the perfect afternoon snack.

  7. Peaches, blueberries, and cherries are perfect in a smoothie. You can enjoy the smoothie right away or use it to make Popsicle for later! My kids are obsessed with homemade Popsicle in the summer!

  8. And of course, we can’t forget watermelon which is the PERFECT summer afternoon snack or dessert!

What other summer fruits and vegetables do you love? Drop a comment below and share! Next up in the series is Fall!

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