The Bronson-Mulholland House in historic Palatka, Florida

An abolitionist, Civil War intrigue, and an orange grove…...

Welcome to the Bronson-Mulholland House in Palatka, Florida. The home was built by Judge Issac H. Bronson when he and his family moved to Palatka from their original home in New York. Bronson had been appointed as a federal judge by President Martin Van Buren. In 1852 Bronson was given a large tract of land in Palatka by 3 prominent families in the area. He named it “Sunny Point” and set about building his home. Bronson was an abolitionist, so he used no slave labor to build the home.

Sunny Point was completed in 1854, the judge planted orange trees on the land surrounding the home, and settled into his happy haven. Sadly, Judge Bronson died a year later. His widow and daughters remained in the home until the outbreak of the Civil War. The Bronson’s returned to the North leaving their Sunny Point behind, never to return.

Even on a cold day the porch is inviting

During the Civil War the home was vacant. But, that doesn’t mean it was un-occupied. At the beginning of the war Confederates used the attic of the home as a look out post. After Palatka was occupied by Union forces it became a Union encampment. Union soldiers then began to use the attic as an outlook post for Confederate blockade runners.

Checking out some turn of the century fashion, blue and white in the dining room, an antique clock and some beautiful Christmas decor

After the war the home changed hands, with other prominent families calling it home. Today it is owned by the city of Palatka and is open to the public as a museum. The home is furnished with many original pieces. It is immaculately maintained and a wonderful to visit!

On the day we went the weather started out cold and rainy, so I dressed warmly in my rain boots and my current favorite sweater! I know y’all have seen this sweater in like a thousand of my posts; but I can’t get enough of it! I’m loving the winter white trend this year and fully embracing it with my off white sweater. :)

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