Veja.."it" girl sustainable sneakers

Meghan Markle has a pair so I just had to have a pair too.. well not really (maybe she slightly influenced my decision)... the real reason I wanted a pair is because Veja's sneakers are the "it" sneaker right now and they are sustainable. "Every "it" girl in London has a pair", was the title of an article I read on Veja's and they are indeed a style staple in Europe right now.

Veja's are made to be sustainable. They are designed to worn for years, timelessness is import to the brand, which is headquartered in France. A pair of Veja's is made with organic cotton and wild rubber. The company is transparent, sharing tons of info about their supply chain, and practices fair trade.

The story of wild rubber really intrigued me and has become a talking point when I'm wearing my Veja's. Wild rubber is grown in only one place in the world- The Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil. The preservation of wild rubber trees for the harvest of rubber is a good thing. It helps preserve the rain forest! Synthetic rubber is made from petroleum and it's obviously not sustainable or helping save the rain forest! Veja uses wild rubber from Brazil in the sole of every pair of sneakers.

Next time you need a new pair of sneakers (or tennis shoes if you're from the South) check out Veja. You'll look stylish and you can tell all your friends about wild rubber and saving the rain forest!