How to Dress for Skiing

I love to ski! It is an exhilarating sport. Nothing the beats the feeling of cold wind on your face, the feel of the snow beneath your skis and the mountain air in your lungs! But, if you aren’t properly dressed you will be cold, and the fun won’t last. Having the proper clothing is essential.

I‘m by no means an expert on ski clothing, I’m a Florida girl for goodness sake! But, I’ve been skiing for about 30 years and I’ve picked up a tip or two along the way!

The Base Layer

Long underwear are an essential part of dressing for skiing. The brand I wear is 32 degrees and I really like them. They keep me warm and they are super soft. My entire family wears this brand. They come in children's, men's, and women's sizes.

Here are links to what I have:

Women's Scoop Neck Thermal Top

Women's Lightweight Thermal Legging Pant

Men's Lightweight Base Layer Crew Neck Top

Men's Thermal Base Layer Legging

Kids Long Sleeve Crew Neck and Legging Set

*Hilarious side note: My kids love to play dress up; one of the games they like to play is "spy". When they dress up as spies they wear their long underwear because they are all black. So, I call them their "spy clothes".

Middle Layer:

For my middle layer I will do either a sweater or a long sleeve tee shirt depending on temperature. If it is especially cold I wear a cashmere sweater. I know cashmere is an investment, but it is exceptionally warm and soft.

The sweater I have is from Bloomingdales. It is from their store brand- Aqua. I love it! It is currently on sale at 60% off!

Aqua Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater

If I'm wearing a long sleeve tee shirt my go to's are from Target. Here are a couple of the ones that I have.

A New Day Long Sleeve Fitted Tee- this one comes in tons of colors!

Universal Thread Long Sleeve Fitted Ribbed Tee- also comes in several colors!

Outer layer

Arguably the most important piece of your skiing jacket are you pants and jacket! They need to be designed for snow, to keep you dry and therefore warmer! Ski pants and jackets can be pricey. If it's any consolation they do last forever and you will wear them for years. My pants are from a ski brand called Marker. I got them in 2006. They are still in amazing shape and are still stylish. One of the features I like about them is the zipper at the leg opening. The zipper allows you to leave your pants open when you loosen your boots to walk around the lodge when you are taking a break. They zip up and fit over boots perfectly. Unfortunately, Marker no longer makes pants, so I've linked a similar pair of Spyder pants below.

Spyder Gore Tex Ski Pant

I got a new ski jacket this year. I went with a less expensive, but still great quality jacket I found on Amazon. This jacket is very warm, has tons of pockets (room ones too), and I love the style. Ski jackets can be boxy looking (which I don't prefer), but this one is as slimming as ski jacket can be!

FDS Winter Women's Ski Jacket

Gloves, Socks, Hats, and Glasses

The final layer is really your accessory layer. For gloves, you want a pair that are waterproof, otherwise if you fall your hands will get wet and your fingers will freeze. On super cold days I also add a pair of glove liners under my outer gloves. For socks, I find that thin socks work best for me. My feet sweat even in the cold and then they get really cold because they are wet. The thinner socks prevent my feet from sweating as much. They still sweat a little bit though, so I always add a pair of toe warmers to the bottom inside of my boots. The toe warmers are a must for me. I also sometimes put them in my snow boots off the slopes. I think my toes are especially sensitive to the cold because of my Florida blood.

Here are links to some gloves, glove liners, socks, and toe warmers.

DaKine Unisex Wrist Guard Gloves

Terramar Thermasilk Glove Liner

4 Pack of Women's Outdoor Socks

Hot Hands Toe Warmers

For hats and glasses I like to wear a hat and sunglasses. Some folks wear fancy goggles on the slopes, but I'll be honest I'm not going fast enough to need goggles. I'm more a slow and easy skier.

Here are the glasses and hat I wore on my most recent ski trip

Wild Fable Animal Print Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Calvin Klein Pompon Rib Knit Hat

If you are hitting the slopes soon I hope you have a wonderful time and stay warm!