Sustainable Options (of course!) for Ski Clothes

Next week I'll be leaving the warmth of the Sunshine State and heading to the mountains of North Carolina! It's been two years since I've seen snow; so I am really looking forward to this trip. We are planning to take our boys snow tubing and we might give skiing a try! So, this means I've got to pull together some winter clothes appropriate for skiing or snow tubing. I've pulled together some great options that are fair trade and or ethically made. Everything I've shared here is sustainable and meant to last for years (or a few ski seasons at least!).

Me enjoying the snow on my last winter getaway!

Base Layer:

I'm a firm believer in silk underwear. It's what I've always worn as my base layer for skiing/snow adventuring. My current pair have lasted for years and were well worth the investment. Here's some fun options for you!

Middle Layer:

For the middle layer I like a lightweight long sleeve tee or a light weight tight pullover. I also like a puffer vest (who doesn't) and a pair of soft light weight pants. This is also my apres-ski layer!

Top Layer:

For this layer you need ski pants and ski jacket. Being a Floridian I'm not familiar with all the correct term, but I know the pants and jacket should be waterproof and insulated.


The last layer (and most fun if you ask me) is the accessory layer!

I'll be sharing my personal ski and apres ski looks next week over on instagram so if you're interested follow me @lydia.loves.purple or Facebook- same handle. :)

As always...