Lightening, Brightening, and Hydrating Turmeric Face Mask!

This face mask is one of my favorite at-home beauty treatments. I love it because it gives me immediate results and it’s very easy to make. Just three ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen.

Health Benefits for you!

The three ingredients in the mask are turmeric, honey, and milk. Turmeric is a spice from the ginger family. It is native to the subcontinent of India. It has a strong place in Indian health and beauty culture. For skin it has lightening, brightening, and anti-inflammatory benefits. It's also been show to help boost your immune system. Honey has antibacterial properties and is also very hydrating. Milk is a natural exfoliator. It contains lactic acid, and will gently exfoliate your skin. There’s a legend that Cleopatra took daily milk baths, she didn’t know the science behind it- but she knew it made her skin radiant! Make sure you use organic products and use raw honey if you can find it, taking those extra steps will increase your beauty benefits!

Why is making an at home mask sustainable?

Often when making an at home the ingredients come right out of your kitchen. You aren’t creating any new waste. Face masks from the store usually come in plastic tubes. When you are done with them they will most likely end up in the landfill. Another reason is the lack of preservative chemicals that are hard on the planet (and your body too.). Chemical preservatives in beauty products can be some of the worst health offenders in the ingredient list, so why not avoid them altogether!

To make the mask

Mix equal parts turmeric, honey, and milk. I use a ½ teaspoon. Use a glass dish because turmeric can stain a plastic dish. Mix until smooth and then apply to your clean face with a clean makeup brush. After the mask dries use an old washcloth to help you wash the mask off your face. The old washcloth is important, because turmeric can stain. If you have a little bit of yellow tinge left over from the mask don't’ fret, it will go away overnight. That’s why I always do this mask at night right before bed. Enjoy! Watch my IGTV about this mask over @mrslydiaroper

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor. As always consult your doctor before you try any new supplement or beauty product.