Sezane: French Style with a Sustainable Vibe

Over the summer I discovered the French brand Sezane. They make beautiful clothes and accessories for women. I find their pieces to be timeless, but with a fashionable edge that is so typically French. I have a great-great-grandmother who was French and I feel like I'm speaking soul to soul with her when I'm wearing Sezane!

Here's what the founder, Morgan Sezalroy says about her brand; " Sézane is nothing other than a story of life, that takes form, is tested and reformed... A story of the men and women who help to write it. A story without end and full of meaning. Make, undo, redo, improve, become the brand we desire to be at our essence."

I ordered the Cora Dress in Celadon (pictured above). I love the bohemian vibe of the dress, especially the ruffles and the sheer fabric. The color is gorgeous and perfect for a redhead! I'm super happy with the looks of the dress (and the brand)- but is Sezane sustainable?

Sustainability has so many different sides and positions to take. There are so many definitions for sustainability that it can get confusing. I know I've told y'all before that it's impossible to be perfect and it can be daunting to look for the "perfect" sustainable brand. (I personally don't think it exists). So, I look for a brand that checks some of my sustainable boxes- the more the better! I call it a "Sustainability Spectrum". In order to be on the spectrum a brand needs to check at least two of my boxes.

My sustainable (for new pieces) boxes are:

1. Made by labor that is treated well and paid a fair wage- perfectly in a country that has strict and enforced labor laws. I also like it when the pieces are made in the same country that the brand has it's headquarters in.

2. Made with organic material. I've got a post defining organic and synthetic materials here.

3. Timeless/Classic style. This is important because one goal of sustainability is to wear your clothes for a long time. You want to be on point- not last year. :)

4. Well made pieces- to me clothing is an art form and should be treated as such. I try to look for quality of workmanship when I'm shopping. Luckily for me my mother sews and taught me what to look for in a well made garment. If you don't know check out Elizabeth Cline's book Overdressed, she outlines how to look for quality when you are shopping.

Of course, when I'm shopping consignment I allow my self to be a little more relaxed with the above boxes. If a piece checks some of the boxes and is consignment then... JACKPOT!! :)

So, here's the boxes that Sezane checks-

Number 1- What their website says about their workshops; "Doing things well is good, but it’s not enough. Our workshops are selected based on their expertise but also based on their compliance with the strict social and environmental standards that we demand. We select our workshops carefully, audit them regularly, and we visit them on site, however, more than anything else, we establish a sustainable, equitable and human relationship with them. In doing so they become not just our suppliers, but true partners."

Numbers 3 and 4- These boxes are easily checked. The brand intends to make pieces that are well made, last forever, and are passed down. They pass on overly trendy stuff and stick with classic lines, prints, and patterns that have feminine chic edge. The passing down part particularly speaks to me. I love pieces that are passed down. In fact- the boots I have on in this post belonged to my mom back in the 70s!

Bonus, the brand has a charity shop where they sell their used pieces, which gives savvy shoppers a good place to shop, and provides a place to recycle garments.

I hope you enjoy Sezane, and I hope the "Sustainability Spectrum" helps you out in your future shopping choices!