Should You Switch to a Natural Deodorant?

We all sweat, we all get stinky, and we all (well, most of us) use deodorant.  When your body sweats it’s actually a good thing. Sweat is the body’s way to detox.  We get stinky when the sweat causes bacteria to grow on the surface of the skin, which happens the most in your underarms.  

Aluminum and why it should be avoided

Conventional deodorants act as antiperspirants, which prevent sweat by plugging sweat glands with aluminum.  Yep, plugging your sweat glands with aluminum. That cannot be good, for a few reasons. Remember sweat is your body’s way to detox and aluminum has been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s.  The jury is still out on aluminum’s dangers, but I think it’s a safe bet to just avoid it.

How natural deodorants work

Natural deodorants work to absorb wetness and kill the stink causing bacteria.  You will still sweat with a natural deodorant, it will just be less stinky and controlled more.  I know that’s not ideal, but remember sweat is our body’s natural detox process and its natural.  Trying to stop it by plugging it is not natural. Natural is a good choice.

Why natural deodorant is the sustainable option

Conventional deodorant’s often also contain yucky ingredients like parabens (synthetic chemicals that act as preservatives in cosmetics).  So switching to a natural deodorant will reduce your synthetic chemical exposure, which is good for you and the planet. Many natural deodorant companies are eco-minded and work to provide sustainable ingredients and packaging materials when possible.

I’m currently using: Schmidt's Lavender + Sage Deodorant Stick.  I like it a lot and I plan to try the other scents in their product line. It works well controlling sweat and it smells nice too. It even works at the gym! It's not sticky at all and feels when it's applied.

Readers have shared their favorite brands with me and here’s the list:

L'Occitane Deodorant

Native Deodorant

DoTerra Deodorant

If you have a brand you love that’s not listed drop me a comment and I’ll add it to the list!